Hey there oiler!


Let’s get down to business.


You all know BOGO is a buzzword

whether you oil or you’re wanting to get started!


And when a BOGO is going down so many jump in!


Why? Because it’s absolutely the perfect time to buy!


We get to trade up to the most quality 

health products at half the cost!


But that’s not the most special part of this energy.

It’s what comes next.


It’s having the tools in hand.

The options at your fingertips to empower your life in ways you’ve only begun to imagine.


And if you’re already in, well you know what I’m talking about.

This decision circulates. It brings abundance, joy, and wellness right to your doorstep.


So here are a few things you’ll want to know when gearing up to BOGO the best you can!

 How To Order When

xo, Nik


If you’re a current customer:

Order BOGOs through the loyalty rewards template to receive

full shipping back in free product!

Be sure to check out our new Wellness Box Ideas to guide

your order depending on your health goals!





If you’re not yet a wholesale customer

… see these quick steps tset up your access to today’s BOGO at the wholesale price!



FIRST, set up your wholesale account:


If you set up your wholesale customer account you will be able to
purchase the BOGO at an additional 25% off! 🛒 ✨


You can do this by either choosing a starter kit or purchasing the $35us
wholesale access pass (called the intro booklet) 🛍


📌 OILER NOTE : 🗒 all starter kits have the products bundled at a lower price

+ waive the fee for the $35us wholesale access pass!




👉  Click Here to open up your wholesale account.


👉  Choose the Wholesale Customer option to purchase doTERRA at 25% off for a full year whenever you want to shop.


👉  Fill in your personal info.


👉 My Enroller ID should already be filled for you but if it isn't, enter 3977220 in the box. Essentially Happy Momma will populate.


👉  Choose which kit you’d like to purchase.


Remember, all kits include your free wholesale access pass which means you can purchase doTERRA for 25% off for a full year.

This means an additional 25% off the BOGO items!


If you’re choosing your kit on a BOGO day,

you can add the BOGO oil to your cart right along with the kit and receive the 25% off the price!


👉  Finalize your shipping and payment options.  


👉  Click “Proceed To Checkout”


💌 As soon as you’ve completed the steps above, email me at hi@essentiallyhappymomma.com
with the subject line ‘Ready to BOGO’ as I have a special welcome package for anyone that
starts during BOGO week!


👉  For the rest of the week, place your order with your wholesale access pass to capture your 25% off

+ earn half your shipping costs back as FREE PRODUCT POINTS!








To make sure you qualify for all the max rewards you want to receive, you'll want to see this pro note!




👉 Most people with a wholesale account will order the daily BOGO through the Monthly Wellness Box (LRP)

👉 WHY? so that they can earn ALL of their shipping costs back. ⚡ 


And when you order through LRP - if your order is at least 50v, you will also earn at least 10% back in free product points!

 💓 You may earn up to 30%!! Although if you're not already I can show you how to get that max benefit in one year!



But for now, let's show you how to BOGO through LRP.



👉 First, log in to mydoterra.com using your id # and password.


👉 You'll see your existing LRP order in place that you have set up for next month. Leave this as-is.


👉 Simply click the ‘create new LRP’ link to create a second LRP template just for the daily BOGO.


👉 Click 'shop', and locate the product within the appropriate category for that day


For example, if the BOGO is "Buy one OnGuard get a FREE Breathe," you would :

👉 shop > essential oils > doTerra On Guard Products > select qty + add OnGuard to your bag 🛍

 💓 🛒 you can purchase up to 4 x BOGO 🛒✨ 

👉 the FREE Breathe will automatically be added to your bag 🛍 ✨



🛒 continue shopping desired categories: shop > ________ > select qty + add  to your bag 🛍


👉 Once you have finished shopping, click the bag icon 🛍 + "Review Order" 🛒


👉 Select your shipping method. 

Remember by ordering through LRP you get all those dollars back as FREE PRODUCT POINTS!

⚡ An amount will populate to the right, Est. Shipping Pts Earned.


👉 If you'd also like to collect that 10-30 percent back, mentioned earlier, then set your order to at least 50PV.

⚡ A total order PV amount will populate to the right in purple to help you track.

⚡An amount will populate below that (still on the right) Est. Loyalty Pts Earned.

👉 If your order is correctly set the Est. Loyalty Pts Earned will no longer be zero.


👉 Once you've confirmed your order looks as desired, then select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to order that BOGO!!



👉 Here is a quick web demo to show you how to do just this! http://bit.ly/bogoLRPwebdem 



👉 Delete this secondary BOGO template after each checkout! **

👉 Be sure to do this so that you don’t receive 2 rewards orders the following month! **


👉 Still have questions: BOGO FAQ



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