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There is a force that moves us.

Its creative and filled with flow.

I'm Nik. And I like taking photos from my phone or my fancy camera with a lens, which I know nothing about. All I do know is when I snap a square or rectangle, if you're the technical type, I feel something.


Sometimes its a simple small joy, and other times it provokes a deep introspection -- so its more.


I can't say if you'll see what I see, but these are the frames that have mattered to me. I see beauty in life. I see art in our communications. And likewise I see art as a conversation starter with others, but mostly with ourselves.


So, what do you see when you take a look at these collections?

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Energy Moves Everything Around Me.jpg

This will be the closed auction that will drop once all of the Energy Blocks from NFT on the Block are picked up by the NFT Community. Those original 49 pieces will be the access passes to the Collector's Club Community.


Those who hold at least one of the original access passes will have the opportunity to opt into the invitation for the closed auction of Energy Moves Everything Around Me

To get the details on all that's happening in this space give me a little love tap right here to get in the talk. As always I appreciate your support in sharing my heart + soul with yours.

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The street art featured here is a compilation of talented + respected artists. Their strokes of genius on the Wooden Walls Project has brought me immense joy + filled the background of many memories with my family that I will cherish for years to come. This is my own creative ode to the energy of art. Enjoy. ☀️