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these boxes are delivered every month filled with our family's natural support tools


  • bio-available supplements

  • children's vitamins

  • Pre + Probiotics

  • baby care

  • facial care

  • lotions

  • toothpaste

  • mouth rinse

  • deodorants

  • first aid

  • free oils!

Watch this 10 minute video of me cashing in my perks in real time!

I earn 30% back in rewards points on my orders.

more about the

Monthly Wellness Box

Okay, so as you can tell these boxes are highly customizable.


Maybe you're a total DIY gal like yours truly.

Or perhaps you're seeking more of a concierge service.


Either way, I've got you covered.

When you link arms with me you get access to one of the largest oil communities for support. 

Plus additional perks, like access to our privately curated wellness box menu to target your specific goals!

So let's look at how you can leverage these wholesale purchases to get your point perks and advance.

First, to earn points or to advance to the next percent level your single monthly order must exceed 50 PV, so easy to do! 

aka the Loyalty Order

change or quit

LRP Percent Rank

➕ earn all shipping dollars back as points!

collect the free PRODUCT of the month

whenever your LRP order is at least 125 PV + ordered before the 15th.

pro tip

let's recap

I am at 30% point perks.


Meaning when I spend at least $50 in points value through my loyalty rewards cart, I earn 15 points ➕ my shipping costs back as points on top of the order.

Just think - that could be another 5 to 25 points banked each month from shipping.


You guys, this adds up super fast to be cashed out for free products.


If you didn't watch my video up top, I do just that in real time - watch it here!

single snap shot

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for those interested in growing the biz, notice the commission line above

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