Monthly Wellness Box



these boxes are delivered every month filled with our family's natural healthcare


bio-available supplements

children's vitamins

Pre + Probiotics

baby care

facial care



mouth rinse


first aid

+ free oils!

you’ll always receive the free giveaway of the month

for those months that your order is at least 125 PV + ordered before the 15th.




And As always your monthly order can be changed or canceled at any time.




remember in order to earn points or to advance to the next percent level your single monthly order must exceed 50 PV, so easy to do! 


If you need LRP Ideas we have mapped a whole menu to target specific goals!


Okay so here is what the level advancement looks like. 

and a bonus chart with details follows!

I am at 30% rank.


so right now when I spend $50 on LRP, I earn 15 points plus my shipping costs back as points. depending on your area, think how that could be another 5 - 25 points banked each month.


You guys, this adds up super fast to cash out for free products.


I love seeing immediate value. so worth it!

Free oils

for those interested in growing the biz, notice the commission line above + take a sneak peek at our Team's resource Library below.

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