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Thank you for being here. Below you will find the growing collections of NFT art from Nikole Sariotis.


If you click on the title of the collections it will take you to the expanded hub for those pieces.


By clicking on the images within this page you will be able to quick read the thoughts behind the image. 

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There is a force that moves us.

Its creative and filled with flow.

The street art featured here is a compilation of talented and respected artists. Their strokes of genius on the Wooden Walls Project has brought me immense joy + filled the background of many memories with my family that I will cherish for years to come. This is my own creative ode to the energy of art. Enjoy. ☀️

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Our aliveness is anchored in energy. And it moves through us in every moment. We can feel it when our heart accelerates with excitement, when our skin gives us goosebumps, and when our gut tells us there is something we are meant to notice. Energy is an intangible communication system for all that is -- from the fiercest weather to our most simple expression of love. 

An alignment for our energy is always syncing up. If you're a noticer, you'll see it. It happens when a thought crosses your mind + the wind picks up in agreement. It's that soft caress of nature which speaks to yours. 


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I'm Nik. And I like taking photos from my phone or my fancy camera with a lens, which I know nothing about. All I do know is when I snap a square or rectangle, if you're the technical type, I feel something.


Sometimes its a simple small joy, and other times it provokes a deep introspection -- so its more.


I can't say if you'll see what I see, but these are the frames that have mattered to me. I see beauty in life. I see art in our communications. And likewise I see art as a conversation starter with others, but mostly with ourselves.


So, what do you see when you take a look at these collections?

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