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Our aliveness is anchored in energy. And it moves through us in every moment. We can feel it when our heart accelerates with excitement, when our skin gives us goosebumps, and when our gut tells us there is something we are meant to notice. Energy is an intangible communication system for all that is -- from the fiercest weather to our most simple expression of love. 

An alignment for our energy is always syncing up. If you're a noticer, you'll see it. It happens when a thought crosses your mind + the wind picks up in agreement. It's that soft caress of nature which speaks to yours.


And likewise her fury can rage in hurricane gusts of wind toppling the biggest walls we've built around our lives. 

No matter what the energy of a moment is, it's to the benefit of our human experience that we get to witness it. To get to engage with it. We dance in the grass, walk on hot sands + feel the thrashing of water on our face as we search for a ray of light to recharge our soul.


All different energies. All very relatable. All encompassing of our varying truths. 

For me, it's creative pursuits of love like writing, snapping photos, doodling, dancing + being swept away by music that percolate my joy.


When I fill my time with these, or the like, my energy naturally breaks through blocks + falls into a delectable alignment of rhythm + flow. 

And as such this project was born. In the simple act of recommitting to the creative in me, I found all the pent up potential.


Looking back, I first reclaimed these planks of Asbury Park Boardwalk wood shortly after Hurricane Sandy had ripped through the Jersey Shore. At that time we were renting a store front we named The Sand Castle where we sold sundries and hermit crabs. The loss of merchandise was tough, but knowing so many lost their homes kept my personal life in tremendous perspective. A practice I like to keep close to my heart. 

As you move through the images + read their descriptions I invite you to relate your own energy to the conversation. Does it resonate? 

first energy block.png


At the most basic level we seek security. And from early on its likely this energy is conditionally outsourced. But what if you discovered you had the power all along to connect your circuitry to the most secure Source of all, the Divinity within. 


Get rooted in your ultimate survival skill of knowing that by you simply breathing + reading this text it is a miracle in and of itself. Don't forget how incredibly original your very own experience is. Allow yourself to be led and grounded by your capacity to love life and be supported by it. 

second energy block.png


Self love is a passage of presence into the next energy of flow. Your pranayama is what the yogis call life force. And it's certainly a fluid + fertile energy that percolates within. We can feel it through our creativity, our magnetism to a lover + in the synergy of our life's Sacred steps.


When we feel a block in this energy we may lack intimacy with others, which likely stems from the unexplored relationship we are cultivating with ourselves. Blocks in this energy are typically exacerbated by unclear expectations + our attachments to the ideas we've intellectualized. Moving into a space of allowing shifts things internally. All while recognizing and honoring our boundaries we can free this energy up for a newfound vitality. 

third energy block.png


Personal power is an accessory best worn daily. But when this energy is blocked it can be hard to digest situations. It can also feel difficult to navigate those in our lives we've come to know as the boundary pushers.


More so, this energy is connected with our individuality. Sometimes we compromise this by feeling into what is dictated to us from what "they" say -- such as society, family, friends + whomever tells us to toe the line. But what if, they're all wrong? 

Because this energy frees you up to discern what's not for you + to embrace all the parts of you that you love. To stand in your individuality with power that is not full of pride, but rather the subtlety of true Grace.

fourth energy block.png


Our heart unlocks a connection to Source energy which moves down through us to deliver Divine love in an energetically abundant way. The full capacity of this feeling is of our wholeness. This heart space energy when rooted in our highest love gives us the gift of compassionate for ourself + others. And through this is a gift of radical acceptance.

fifth energy block.png


It's not always what you have to say. Its also found in what's not said. And contrary to popular belief, actions speak softly. Although, if you listen intentionally you'll hear everything you need to know. 



six energy of intuition.png


You're already equipped to know the answer to every question you may have. This isn't about knowledge sets this is about knowing. A knowing within sometimes called seeing. This can come through in similar states like feeling or hearing. But the truth is that when this energy is blocked it lacks true vision.


Remember it is already coded within you. Some need meditation, others need love, but the all the keys to your happiness reside with you. 

seventh energy block.png


The crown is the conduit to the Divine. There is a Sacred energy to Source that can be felt from activating this space. When this channel is open all communication can be done knowing you are deliberately guided. 



Each of the Seven Energy Blocks from the NFT On The Block series will listed on OpenSea as a seven series NFT collection.


Meaning each Energy Block will be listed individually with seven copies per image, totaling 49 units available on the Ethereum blockchain. These units will act as the access pass to the second drop, as seen here, which will be a closed auction. 


The second drop, Energy Moves Everything Around Me, will be the sister project which you can check it out below. It will happen only after all the units are picked up by the community.