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The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

- Joseph Campbell

essential oils... these will guide you to develop a deeper relationship with your body, mind, and our generous earth.

Living a vibrant life is yours if you want it.


Nature gives us a blueprint how to thrive. All we have to do is listen.

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I tried other brands of oils before discovering doTERRA.

Eventually coming to learn the vast quality differences available.


doTERRA is the pioneer in purity!

And they show us how

+ why they can be trusted,



Programs like Source To You 

back their reliability + transparency.


Here are some points you might consider noteworthy.

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co impact sourcing

doTERRA sources globally + works with family farmers to create economic impact.


These relationships are built on fair trade + product excellence.


Without the shady use of middle-men,

doTERRA directly empowers the hard work of these global farms. 


This sourcing model offers large scale abundance + gives doTERRA an open line of communication for ensuring purity on the ground.


That purity originates in the plant's lineage + the native soil the families have worked with over time, in many cases for decades.

certified pure tg

doTERRA purity starts on the ground, meaning the plants are free from pesticides, ground contaminants, even weeds - but it doesn't stop there.


doTERRA doesn't use fillers or synthetics to stretch its resources nor does it attempt to mimic the natural properties in the lab.


Once the oil is distilled it undergoes 54 quality tests --
43 by doTERRA + 11 by APRC, the Aromatic Plant Research Center.


APRC is the 'go to' company an essential oil brand would seek for 3rd party testing. As it stands, they currently test oils for more than 50 other companies.


However, it is doTERRA's level of rigor that sets their quality aside from the rest.

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