13 Frequently Used Oils + Their Emotional Superpowers

Have you considered all the ways essential oils would serve you? Personally I have a list of over 100 ways sitting right next to me + so many of them I use, but thats not what this post is about. Its's about how nature can support the connection of our body, mind + spirit.

How plants can give us the medicine we need to guide us to connect with the inner part of us that is happy, healthy + thriving. The peace in us. The piece of us, that is all of us, when we let go of all extra stuff weighing us down. Too poetic? I've got one more.

WE can liberate our spirit + fly among the stars in our very own way right here on earth. We can tap into the essential life force within us + live from a place of vitality + freedom like a child can.

This is about feelings. This is about emotions. Tapping deep into the bullshit + doing the work to make yourself a better human. For your family you might say, but really for your goddamn self. You need this. And these little gems of light can gift you the tools to harness your inner strength + work through the moments that come up in life.

Nothing is as it seems, people all over are hurting + in need of love. Our capacity in which to love others is deeply connected to our capacity to love one's self. We need to cultivate a depth of understanding about who we are so we can be true to the force within us. It's a practice. An intention to be present with the voice within our heart + act upon it. To feel deserving + abundant. I believe miracles occur regularly.

If you struggle with this, know neuro-plasticity grants us the ability to reshape our mental wellbeing with our natural efforts. When negative thoughts or patterns are showing up in our lives, I deeply believe in pairing positive psychology with nature to initiate a shift.

One of my favorite people says, "Nature knows things."

And, she's right, it does.

So, with our emotional body in mind, I want to offer you a reference list of 13 frequently used natural oils you can turn to when certain challenges or negative seasons arise. These oils will support you to combat the negative emotions listed along with them. And give you the power to rewire your experience to be one of growth rather than represent stuckness.

As always, I only recommend doTerra. From my research it's the company I have chosen to source my essential oils from. If you want to purchase them through me, I would love to guide you along your journey.

For now bookmark this list, pin it to pinterest or more importantly share it with a friend you know is struggling. Sometimes, when we don't know what to say to help someone through a tough time, simply offering a productive solution like these can help a loved one move mountains within themselves.

So much love.

x Nik

Frankincense : The Oil of Truth

-- pick this up when feeling

  • abandoned, spiritually disconnected, distant from father, unprotected, spiritual darkness

Wild Orange : The Oil of Abundance

-- pick this up when feeling

  • scarcity, overly serious, rigid, dull, workaholic, lack of energy, discouraged, hoarding, envious

Peppermint : The Oil of a Buoyant Heart

-- pick this up when feeling

  • unbearable pain, intense despair, heavyhearted, pessimistic

Lavender : The Oil of Communication + Calm

-- pick this up when feeling

  • blocked communication, fear of rejection, constricted, tense, racing thoughts, emotional dishonesty, hidin, fear of self-disclosure, feeling unseen, unheard or unloved

Lemon : The Oil of Focus

-- pick this up when feeling

  • confused, inability to focus, mentally fatigued, lack of joy and energy, learning issues, guilty, disengaged

Melaleuca : The Oil of Energetic Boundaries

-- pick this up when feeling

  • parasitic and co-dependent relationships, poor boundaries, weak-willed, drained, emotional toxicity

Oregano : The Oil of Humility + NonAttachment

-- pick this up when feeling

  • negative attachments, prideful, opinionated, stubborn, materialistic

DigestZen : The Oil of Digestion

-- pick this up when feeling