Cellulite Protocol

’She's got the look’ :: 🎶

Ever wonder if you can do anything to support circulation + blood flow in some of those areas that need TLC?

I love dry skin brushing daily to help detoxify my body. I'll do a separate post about that, maybe even a video to give you all the deetz.

But, I also double up on a metabolic essential oil blend protocol 1-2x a month.

The protocol is posted here + should be done when you can avoid sunlight.

{{ Think evening self care <3 }}

:: what you’ll need ::

1 tsp coconut oil

10 drops metabolic blend {{photosensitive}}

muslin cloth

:: mix coco oil w/essential oil blend {{+ rub}}

:: wrap with muslin cloth {{3-4x around}}

:: leave 1-2 hours or over night {{avoid UV}}

take before + after photos