Deepak's Radical Wellbeing

I love listening to Deepak.

I caught him live in the spring + it was an incredible lecture.

Today, I sit here pumping + listening to his talk on radical wellbeing.

His ability to speak of science + holistic approaches blends beautifully.

The studious learner in me loves hearing about neuroscience + our body systems because that’s what lit me up in college when I studied psychology.

The healer in me loves the reinforcement of breathe work, gratitude + awareness because as a woman who has made self healing a priority I know just how powerful those approaches to lifestyle are.

He discusses the vagus nerve in this talk + the one from the spring. It’s a fascinating design we have. He also mentions all the practical ways to stimulate it + the ripple effect of wellbeing that occurs when one does.

More so he goes on to tell how he met with a developer for a big pharmaceutical company who was interested in his understanding + mapping of the nerves which run to the internal organs, specifically the vagus nerve. Deepak shared with him that we already have the map through yoga. Fundamentally that yoga asanas like Sun Salutations + certain breathing techniques are effective at stimulating the vagus nerve.

And, the big pharma guy said —

'Yeah I understand, but how do we make money off of that?' 🎯

The crowd laughed at the story + so did I because that my friends is the nature of our reality.

Science is great. Holistic approaches are great. And so is modern medicine. But when money is the motive we are all at the mercy of something very different.

Take time to explore other ways of being. Intentionally seek information that is pure + preventative. We were made to heal ourselves + that is a fact. 💯✨