Diffuse Your Mood

I started using essential oils in our home in 2016.

And you bet I Marie Kondo'd our life like woah. Tossing all our Yankee Candles and every last Febreze plugin we owned.

Before that we were your full on Lysol loving new parents too. -- Until we weren't.

And, let me please say no shame. Seriously, sometimes cleaning up the puke or poop as a new parent is about all the survival skills one can muster for a bit.

We've had our share of survival marathons here, but the point is at some juncture we learn. Then if we are brave enough, we implement. And if we are disciplined enough, we integrate. And that is where it happens. The change. The awakening. The holy shit how am I alive moment? 🤯

Ha! Okay, okay - let's run it back a notch.

The truth is along the way I have learned A LOT.

But, I remember being that girl who just wanted to know if there was a better way.

And with some searching I found it.

So, I'm here to tell you if you are that girl -- you're right.

There is.

My anxiety, my overwhelm, stress, life -- whatever you want to box it up as came to a crashing halt with a whiff of a bottle.

The right oils can impact us. Its science.

Its also up to us to learn what is right for us. And what is available to us.

I found doTerra + fell in love with having nature on tap.

As a person who is deeply rooted in our Earthly connection I feel immense gratitude for a brand who's purity brings me closer to it. I love Nature and know that it gives us gifts to shift our state and balance our systems, and I know this through my very own personal experience.

One of the simplest ways we have integrated oils is through diffusing them. I run the main diffuser for different reasons through out the day.


Good morning ☀️ ... Welcome home 🏡 ... + Wind down 💤

I've tried a few cheaper diffusers on Amazon + they have worked well for a bit. But it's my doTerra diffuser that stands to be a powerhouse.

I love the Lumo diffuser. Everything about it is just me.

Although I am loving the makeover the Petal diffuser got this year! And these Volo, new releases, are so bomb! I'm really excited about all the style updates because they work so well.

Take a peek. Which one do you love the look of?

Imagine this blasting your fam with health benefits -- boosting your immunity + your mood. Maybe even cutting some after school tension, like you do those snacks momma.

If you haven't Marie Kondo'd the toxic fragrances in your life, let's get you going. I've done it myself, and I'm happy to guide you. Plus our community is thousands large so support is in the house. Will you commit to getting these oils in there too?!

x, Nik

doTerra diffusers pictured left to right : Volo Marble, Volo Onyx, Lumo