Healthy Habits

Are you ready for the best collection of natural health tools to hit your home?

Idk about you, but I dig my monthly wellness box! When I do actually shop, I'm a preferential online shopper, mainly because I love the convenience + ease!

More so, I love budgeting my spend that way + still leveraging my dollar for the best value.

About two years ago I decided I was ready to re-evaluate my wellness lifestyle + vastly improve my self care. This was all in line with my new role as mom (x 3).

I needed clean energy, mood support + sleep!

I found myself graciously turning to holistic options like doTERRA.

It was my right choice + perhaps it will be yours too!

Join us every June for our team guided program to help you root into your lifestyle with #EssentiallyHappyHabits that will have you feeling like the best you yet.

Here is what you can expect from the Healthy Habits Collection!

  • Lifelong Vitality Pack: packed with bio-available food nutrients, omegas, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins + minerals delivered in a balanced + absorbable way. Which is a fancy way of saying no neon urine from your supplements. Who-da-thunk it?

  • TerraZyme: helps your food digest, absorb + eliminate properly with a powerful blend of 10 active whole food enzymes.

  • Deep Blue Rub: penetrates right into sore areas with a refreshing wave of relief. Perfect for post work outs + even for supporting you during that achy time of month.

  • PB Assist Probiotic: delivers 6 billion CFUs as a double layer capsule of pre-biotic fiber + 6 strains of probiotics. Seal up the gut + glow from the inside out. Your skin will thank you + so will your digestion.

  • 5mL Balance Blend: a drop in the palm + gently press onto the nape of the neck, deep breath + viola! Say sayonara to stress!

  • 5mL Lemon: purify the air, descuzz produce, create toxin free cleaners, remove stains, + add to water. It is the perfect cleansing agent!

  • 5mL Frankincense: promote healthy cellular growth. Take internally or make a skin serum to get your glow on!

  • 5mL Lavender: the queen of calm. Use for bug bites, skin irritations, even diaper rash! Amazing for sleep + deep relaxation when you've over done it!

  • 5mL On Guard: support your immune system with this protective powerhouse! Diffuse it to clear the stagnant air, clean surfaces, sanitize hands, + drop it internally to boost your body's defense when you suspect you need a little extra armor..

Click here to setup your account* + connect in with our team's private Facebook group for the guided program in June.

Take part in the challenges, have fun, + maybe win a few prizes!!