Essentially Happy Mommas

Not your average mom group.

Essentially Happy Mommas isn't designed to talk about diaper rash or nap schedules per se, but rather to support our ability to tap into + cultivate our personal peace.

At the end of the day our energy can be spent. So the purpose of this space is to refill our reservoir.

I want to honor our unique journeys + in creating this community my intention is to find the women who jam with our loving vibe.

If it's you, I'm grateful this found you. ✨

And if this is perfect for someone in your life, spread this LOVE to those you know are seeking it.

We encourage.

We confide.

We connect.

So simple.

So necessary.

This place is for you if self care,

self love + soulful parenting

is on your heart.

Maybe you struggle

with stress or maybe

you’ve come out the

other side + can share.

Either way you are encouraged

to spark ideas for mindful parenting

+ share words of love with one another.

If you offer services such as meditation

or Reiki this group invites you to go LIVE

to share your heart with the women here.

Grateful + glad to be together.

Here's to moxie, meditation + motherhood! ✨