Green Cleaning School

This is the e-book for the Green Goddess in you!

I have been working on this gem so I can share

all my favorite DIY cleaning recipes with you!

I want you to feel good while you do the dirty work.

And, I want you to reap the side benefits

not continue to inhale harmful chemicals.

I wanted this same for myself.

And so I made a major change

in our lives just over two years ago.

It was scary.

I had been convinced bleach was the only way.

And did I mention I was a mom to three very littles at the time

- ages 3, 18 mo + a brand newbie!

That means I was a bit concerned about germs.

Any mom of a newborn knows you don't play around in that arena.

But I couldn't continue feeling right about us breathing in all that junk.

At first, I explored some *all natural* cleaners from the store,

but there was nothing natural to my nose or my body about them.

With the rampant green washing that goes on with marketing

+ labels it was difficult to see clearly in the aisles of Target.

I even remember dropping over $400

on those same horribly toxic cleaning supplies

that were killing us.

It was a total waste.

So I committed to a new lifestyle.

And slowly we began peeling back the layers of our habits one by one.

Eventually leading to a fully stocked closet of pure plant powered cleaners!

I now look to pass my tried + true knowledge on to you momma.

May this e-book serve you + your family for years to come!

Pro Tip: Print a copy to keep with your DIYs so you can replenish with ease!

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All my love -

Nik, xo