Grounding Energy

Nature is a gift. And our generous Earth has a powerful grounding energy that aligns deeply with the pull of our soul, body + mind.

Science confirms there is evidence to back this, but anyone who trusts in vibes knows it's true.

Think about all the times nature has offered you a pick me up or a calm me down. Amazing, how it's always exactly as we need. It's innate in us to feel into what she offers.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a lecture from Deepak Chopra in person! It was such a dope experience + I promise to share more in another post. However, he absolutely spoke about this simple act of connecting in with our Earth energy through this practice of grounding.

This is something I have naturally done because I am a Barefoot Soul after all. However, it wasn't until about two years ago that I really began doing it intentionally to balance my being.

Have you ever tried this technique? If not, this is my encouragement to you. Slip off those shoes, take a deep breath + let your toes sink into the ground.

Feel the grass + dirt support you. Feel the sand, whatever it be. And simply be.

Give yourself a few rounds of deep belly breaths.

This is when I - Take Ten - a practice of ten rounds of breath.

I'll share more on that during Six Weeks of Self Love right here on the blog.

I hope you'll pop back if you are pulled.

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