Hawaiian Forgiveness Practice

You want me to say what? To who? Why am I apologizing? These were the initial thoughts that hit my mind when a healer suggested I try this practice. Being open to the power of the mind and intention, I was willing to explore. And, I can tell you it IS powerful. It is absolutely worth the effort if you are looking to make an energetic amends between you and others. So here is the thing about this practice. You are directing these words toward someone in your perception who has offended you. I know, this can be an area of resistance when considering this type of forgiveness work. However once you move past this particular block you'll open to the idea that you can never be offended because you are one with love. Your ego will challenge this concept relentlessly. Let it, and thank it for its attempt to protect you. Then say the statements of

the Ho'Oponopono practice:

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

It's radical acceptance of what is and full ownership of the energy we choose to participate in. Let's look at why this might just be so powerful. It invokes love, repentance, forgiveness, and gratitude. It is a mega mix of the feel good frequencies and will ultimately shift yours with a commitment to the practice.

I have experienced major shifts with this simple four sentence sequence. There have even been times I have used this and the shift was so significant that the other people have reached out to me after! Mind blown!! Forgiveness is truly a gift we give to ourselves. Freedom is the payoff of doing business. Allow yourself to know your inner peace and tap into the essence of your highest self. Transform your mind, release the need to be right and simply be the strength of love. It's soul beautiful.