How to Make a Diaper Mask

Of all the things we expect to learn as moms, I never saw this one coming. In light of our situation my goal is to stay home and keep my family safe. In doing so we are contributing to the greater good of our community. Win win.

But there are times we need to venture out for supplies.

And if you've seen this floating around the internet, it's quite accurately how I feel these days.

Naturally I've been an order groceries on line kind of girl for some time now. And the more children I've added to my bunch, I've pretty much solidified that. However, with the delivery options being scarce and the curb side coming up short it was time for me to venture in store.

This left me feeling innovative. I recalled seeing a video of a woman converting a diaper into a perfectly wearable mask. Pretty genius, I had thought. And now I was feeling called to do the same. My baby is only three months so her size ones won't cut it. But we had a stash of size fours tucked in the corner of our linen closet.

I headed that way and grabbed one immediately. I did my best to remember the video, but I pretty much just winged it! Although I will give you my play by play.

Open the diaper so the padding is exposed.

Insert the blade of the scissor where the padding begins on the side about the midpoint near the natural fold. Be mindful not to cut the stretchy part that would hug the leg.

Cut across and then up up toward the flaps removing a rectangle of the inner padding.

Check the opening that it can fit over your head. If not cut up toward the velcro straps a bit further (this will be the back).

Continue checking until you have you best fit.

Once you're ready to slide it on -- do so with the velcro flaps in the back.

Before you secure the mask lift the side elastics up over the ear. Next secure the mask by velcroing the back to the front of the mask.

And viola!