I Wanna Dance!

Can you name it?! -- "Clock strikes upon the hour, and the sun begins to fade. Still enough time to figure out how to chase my blues away."

Those are a few lyrics from my fave Whitney Houston jam. I loved her so much when I was a kid I named my first pup after her. And, I unabashedly belted out every song to my adoring Pop. He was a solid audience.

I heard the song today. It was on a commercial of some sort broadcasting from my living room. It wasn't me because I was listening to Kayne's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. -- Yeah. 🎶

But the snippet of Whitney caught me through all the noise. Why? -- Because my Pop sends me that song to communicate. And he hit me with it today, at precisely the right time. Funny how he shows up like that. Right in a particular train of thought.

Idk about you, but when I feel like I'm being guided I like to listen. If it intuitively checks out I lean in a bit more. Sometimes in the face of fear, or the unknown. All the while knowing its okay.

You see, a few months ago I got guidance to mend the relationship with my mom. This was hard. It came after a long period of self reflection and crap ton of intentional work on myself. I had to understand the whole thing between us. It gave me the space to gain perspective, and most importantly learn the necessity to reparent myself. Not easy, especially while also momming four tiny humans.

But I've grown to using my shortcomings as an opportunity to look at the parts of myself that really need TLC. I still do this style of self love daily. It's a practice for me, as I champion for my happiest and whole life. So, I am more than acquainted with healing work. It's apart of my self care. And I'm always evolving by ways of incorporating new techniques and tools. I prefer working with a variety of solutions. I love this flexibility because it enables me to feel into my absolute best fit.

Sometimes when I am dealing with the minor stresses of 1 to 4 child requests coming in hot, the plethora of input to my system does not compute to my brain while it's under siege in those moments. It's simply that I don't have the required bandwidth. And after a decent barrage of rapid fire that's when I want to dance most. A proper playlist promoting a little movement feels pretty perfect for a mood shift.

So one of the positive and actionable things I want to share that came from the my reconnection with my mom, was a unexpected gift she gave me. It was a gesture that allowed me to invest in something fun for myself. So, with a little nudge from my inner child I signed up for at home dance classes with Steezy Studio.

Steezy means effortlessly stylish or elegant. I feel that. And the instructors make it just that. It's so much fun! And I sweat. Like boob sweat, serious. After the endorphins get me, I get over all the overwhelm. It's so incredible how bilateral body movement will unlock your systems to send you into total bliss. I know there are far more technical reasons to site here, but that's not the point. The end result is what matters. And for me it's joy.

So what's in this savory recipe when it comes to Steezy? For me, it's instructors, beats, and interface. The first two are what drew me in - but its the interface that has me writing this right now! Stay with me here.

You see I've gotten to appreciate tech in the last few years, as I'm sure any of us have with WFH booming. And with the extra family around quadrupling requests on the homefront, my drive to navigate and understand integrations, workflows, crm became paramount. Bottom line, the user interface matters. And as a consumer, that affects our experience just as much as any of the other visuals. Intuitive navigation and viable usability matter.

For Steezy the settings are just what I would want. They really have taken the time to integrate buttons on the videos to customize the classroom experience. Mirror effects, looping, and speed changes show that they have considered my mindset as a user. That ripples over in appreciation because they made it simple for me to opt into dancing with them versus firing up my playlist and freestylin it.

In addition, the entire dashboard is one of my favorites. It has a high resolution visual snippets of the class with the audio tracks right on previews. That allows me get an instant feel for the vibe. More so, I can take their scheduled classes based on my preferences or I can drop whatever I want into my class plan. The ease of scheduling is another super attractive quality to me.

I feel so motivated to take these classes even on days I already feel good, and no mood shift is necessarily needed. For one, I know it's because I love to dance. But, I also know these instructors are exactly what I had been looking for, and the whole experience has not disappointed. In fact, is has been steezy.