Labor Go Bag Essentials

It's almost GO time here at currently 35 weeks pregnant. I am so excited to meet this little one, and it seems she's pretty eager too! With my first babe my hospital bag was packed by 26 weeks. Same with my second + third pregnancy.⁣

But this time around, I was legit packing while experiencing preterm labor at 33 weeks. Cray cray on many levels.⁣

All is well though + baby is still snug. But thank goodness I had a sense of all the essentials I needed to grab + go.⁣

Word to the wise, pack early + pack well.⁣

To give you some guidance I’ve created a list you can use if you’re in a pinch or if you want some experienced insight.⁣ So here goes ⤵️⁣ Save this post for reference ...⁣ 📝

And above all Godspeed momma ♥️⁣

• Going home outfit for babe • Going home outfit for you⁣

• Identification

• Health insurance card

• Will or advanced directive • Picture of your other children

• Birth plan⁣

• Chapstick ⁣: See below

Hair ties⁣ • Floss⁣

Tongue scrapper


• Toothpaste : See below

• Mouth rinse : See below

• Shower sandals⁣ : Love Adidas slides

Dry skin brush

• Shampoo + conditioner⁣ : See below

• Body wash : See below

• Face wash ⁣: See below

• Body lotion⁣ : See below

• Deodorant : See below

• Face moisturizer ⁣: See below

Blow dryer + hair iron⁣


• Clean makeup⁣ : Beautycounter

Warm socks⁣ with non-skid


Comfy undies

Soft satin robe⁣

• Nursing bras or tanks⁣ : 3 pack of bras

Loose fitting pants (dark)⁣

• Pre + probiotics + vitamins : See below

• Diffuser + essential oils ⁣: See below

• Perineum spray⁣ : Recipe below

• Bathroom spray⁣ : Recipe below

• Hand sanitizing mist⁣ : See below

• Lozenges⁣ : See below

• Mints / sour hard candies ⁣

• Portable speakers⁣ : Beats Pill by Dre

• Phone chargers : I love this 10ft option

• Laptop + charger or notepad + pen

Book to read

• Gifts for your nurses⁣ : Ideas below Now you've got a sense of the things you might need. Let me just say keep space in your bag or bring a little one along to stock up on all that fancy mesh underwear, pads from the hospital + whatever other items they may offer you to get you through the next 40 days. The nicer you are to the nurses the nicer they are to you. Trust it. And with that in mind, nurses are the greatest asset in labor and delivery. I discovered this with my first baby. Of course our doctors are incredible, especially if you need a c-section or some other intervention. However in a routine vaginal delivery nurses are the marathon runners. They are geared up right next to you through the long haul. Some wonderful ways to thank your nurses are to bring them a little gratitude gift. It doesn't have to be outrageous, but after you see the way they show up for you in that room you will be so happy you can offer them a token of your appreciation. Think of bringing along a few coffee gift cards, some herbal tea packets, chocolates, a roll-on essential oil like Motivate to keep them going, maybe Peace for calming during their long shifts. Or better yet gift them their very own OG sanitizing spray since they're definitely the real OGs of L + D.

Of course if you have a doula or a midwife you may want to go a little bigger for them since they will be working with you a bit more intimately. Either way a grateful state for their guidance is a good one. These people are saints to help us ladies get through what is the hardest showdown of our lives.

So let's talk aftercare. If you are in a great hospital they will likely give you some padsicles after your delivery. These are not glamorous moments, but they are necessary to heal the hoo-ha. I've personally been given a diaper filled with ice from the nurses. Yes that is correct a baby diaper filled with ice, and no I didn't judge it. I welcomed it in all its glory. It is highly recommended to ice those lady bits. Although in addition to that, I make my very own creations to await me at home. It's simply an organic pad, doused in witch hazel, aloe vera + few sprays of my diy perineum care solution. See the info-graphic for the recipe. Also I prefer the L. brand of pad because they give back to girls around the world who don't have access to supplies for supporting their menstruation. And it's also a woman owned company so it's win-win to me.

I like to prepare the perineum spray for aftercare of course to manage my healing, but I also find it to be wonderful for prepping the perineum a few weeks prior to delivery. By spraying the perineum, gently massaging and stretching the area in conjunction with these oils we can reduce the risk of tearing by quite a bit. I can speak from experience here. However whether we tear or not, I know this recipe applied after every bathroom visit cut my healing time in half. For clarity, there is no massage or touching the area after delivery, just a spritz. I swear by this natural little cocktail. The hospital may also give you Dermoplast which does help numb the area + I do use both. Plus if hemorrhoids are at play you will likely want that for a few days too.

Also, while we are on the topic of healing you may want to prepare a nipple salve in a travel container for yourself if you are planning to nurse. I love the organic refined coconut oil with a few drops of Roman Chamomile. It helped keep my ta-tas in tip top shape while they nourished my little ones. I found it to be better than any of the other options offered OTC. Of course if there is a concern for nut allergies in your family you will need to swap the carrier oil to something you are more comfortable with, perhaps grape-seed oil. In which case you'll use a 15 mL roll on; simply add 5 drops of Roman Chamomile and top with grape-seed oil.

You can also use your essential oils to ease and energize your emotional state during delivery. This can be done with a diffuser pumping or a room spray that your partner or doula can adjust accordingly depending on the phase you are in. Babycenter released a great video outlining some suggestions from the doulas they interviewed to gather better insight for us mommas. I agree with the list + then some. If you don't want to bring your diffuser, as I mentioned, you can make up some room sprays. I provided an info graphic of what I like for each phase below.

I also like to make up a spray for the bathroom. Usually a 30mL spray bottle with water + topped with 5 drops of my fave oil. Lately I've been in LOVE with Siberian Fir. Because truth be told you'll want something in there other than a chemical fragrant aerosol after your husband or a visitor stinks you out. It happens. Personally speaking you may not poo for a few days, but with some aid from Digest-Zen and your probiotics you can move it out with a bit more ease. Trust me, you're welcome. So for the real talk on essential oils, I solely use and recommend doTerra. They are the only company I have found to be completely pure plant essence. Other brands, even the popular ones have all been found adulterated in one way or another. That is not a risk I am willing to take for me, my family or yours. Of course I encourage you to do your research to be well informed like yours truly. But once you know, you know.

Here are the infographics you can save to your Pinterest board to make all this knowledge easily accessible for you. Remember above all else we can create the perfect plan, but birth is a wild ride. Every baby and woman is different. Trust your instincts, communicate with your health care professionals, and know you are held by something greater than yourself. All my love to you, Nik.