Lucky In Love

Lucky In Love

Marriage is not for the faint of heart, and I won't pretend like you will find happiness in it. Finding a person is not the link to happiness, but finding you is essential to your happiness in marriage, or any relationship at that.

At least for me, being who I am has been essential to creating a happy life with mine. I'm not saying it has been easy, I am saying it has been worth it. My marriage has certainly been a testament to growth. A staple we have witnessed in each other since we ventured into the unknown together nearly a decade ago.

We had no idea what would unfold for us as we stood at the Top of the Standard, Highline in NYC back in 2011. We were simply reeling after seeing Jason Biggs downstairs at The Grille while having had a fantastic dinner. It was some night to be together. The view was incredible and I remember thinking how many people were there in that city as we looked out at the lights. And, all I really cared about was being with him. Smiling and taking it all in, I knew I was lucky and in love. We made our way down to the cafe outside for a coffee. As we sat looking at the exhibit that drew us there in the first place, we recapped our day at the museum and reveled over our meals. By the end of the night he was on one knee and I was saying yes to a request to build a life together.

And that is what we are doing present day, building a life. Memory by memory, gratitude by gratitude, blessing by blessing -- a life. A rich, abundant life filled with love. My heart knows more than ever we were meant to come together. So today, hand in hand on the sand renewing our commitment to one another I felt so sure. This life is beautiful, in the now and the forever.

To my husband, thank you for allowing me to be me, for embracing this life as a partnership, and for being willing to do the work to make this the best damn adventure we've ever designed. My love for you is infinite and I know yours for me is the same. Lucky in love doesn't even begin to capture the true essence of our union. To forever + today, happiness is ours. <3

Sandy Hook, New Jersey