Nail Polish Upgrade

Fresh polish can absolutely brighten our mood + have us feeling fly in a jiff.

But can I still use nail polish while I'm pregnant?

The short answer yes.

BUT, mindfulness is key + here is why.

As clean beauty is becoming more of a main stream talking point, it is still not the norm.

Fortunately apps like Think Dirty! have been developed to help us scout our picks from the aisles of Whole Foods, but we still need to be diligent as consumers.

I found that there are few times in a woman's life when she is more diligent than when she is pregnant. At least in my humble experience. Our instincts to protect our cubs kick in + we adjust accordingly.

Now here is the thing about polish, companies are already trending toward 3-free.

Meaning they are free from formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), + toluene.

And here is why you'll want to avoid these 3 chemicals.

Formaldehyde can cause cancer + respiratory issues.

DBP may cause hormone production issues in a fetus.

Toluene may cause headaches + reproductive issues.

Take a pause.

Soak that in.

These are ingredients in nail products existing on our consumer shelves today.

SO you guys -- even though reputable companies like Essie + OPI offer us 3-free options,

I wonder why stop there?

And without further adieu...

I discovered Pacifica nail polish is 7-FREE!

They offer Vegan + cruelty free colors which are formulated without the aforementioned 3.

The ingredient list extends to be void of parabens, camphor, xylene, resin, + animals.

Major find momma!

The color selection is high vibe + long lasting. Two of my favorite soft pinks that go with anything are Rose Quartz + Pink Moon! But if you're looking for a little splash of spring or summer Daydreamer might be a total hit.