Navigating Physical Development Milestones 12 - 18 Months

Our babies becoming mobile is the most exciting and scary time in my humble opinion. The truth is we can't hover the whole time so we must learn to let go while also creating safe boundaries as they build faith and strengthen their ability.

This part of development happens in very visible stages. First you will have your walker. Think about how they move from those first steps to a definite wobbly walking, eventually stabilizing as they understand how to better shift their weight, and then as we all know picking up the speed. When inside consider letting them go barefoot to help them build better muscle memory and steady their feet on the floor. When out and about you'll want your toddler in shoes that fit well and have good soles to grip. It may take your toddler a few days to get acquainted with their new footwear. Meaning you could be witnessing a few falls before they steady out.

They will also begin to climb during this stage. You will notice they've got this skill going up but getting back down presents a cognitive challenge. They will certainly need your help. Also you will see a fearlessness arise because they are not able to assess the safety of their climb. They will be much braver than you'd probably like for some time. Give them space within reason to exercise this skill. Think about putting cushions or pillows on the floor, get creative and keep your sanity.

Speaking of sanity. As their hand eye coordination increases they will want to carry an object in their hand while they move about the room. Great for small muscle growth, but consider being intentional about what you let them carry. Think of giving them buckets with handles they can carry but also fill with their figures or balls. Also be mindful of them walking or running with pointed objects, especially in their mouth too. I have a story, though I'll spare you.

But seriously we really have to keep such a diligent watch on those quick little hands. Anyone else yell out "Swiper, no swiping!" - just me huh? Its a Dora reference for those of you who have not a clue. Oh #TheThingsISayNow -- I digress, haha.

To stay on my A game oily mommas, I swipe Motivate behind my ears and down the back of my neck giving me an extra boost to keep up both cognitively and physically!!