Non-Fungible Token

I read the headline, WTF are NFTs? -- my thoughts exactly. Click.

Like curious little Alice I followed the rabbit down the hole of what would become my life for the next few weeks. I became a consumer of all the noise. And believe me it's loud up in there. The creation energy is swirling in a soup of experience and noobs both channeling artistic mediums and experimentation.

The draw of attention from well known contemporary peeps gave the blockchain some serious props into the mainstream media. Allowing Christie's + Sotheby's to catch the vibe + see this as a time to lead at the front of innovation.

Witnessing the cross over from physical to digital art has been such a cool part of this experience. Listening to innovative ideas + exploring the various ways to envision a future within blockchain technologies is a whole front row to an ecosystem of energy. And, there is a learning curve. Anyone who has Googled "wallets for NFTs?" knows this all too well.

If you've yet to explore this option, remember not to click on the paid advertising links at the top of the search results. And only click on links you truly feel comfortable with from verified sources, especially when jumping into Discord or Telegram or any other texting app within the space.

It seems like basic privacy advice, but you might consider practicing computer + mobile hygiene. Such as not saving passwords or credit cards on your devices, especially if you want to navigate the digital space mindfully.

Now, to answer the initial inquiry of what are Non-Fungible Tokens, first since the world loves abbreviations you will almost always hear them called NFTs. So in laymen's terms -- they are digital data receipts or ledger entries that are housed in a metaphorical glass time capsule for all to see. The rub is in the transparency. This is next level ownership giving it a certain air of prestige or street cred - however you roll. Like the fancy peeps - they call it, provenance. Which IRL is the term typically accounted for in the authentication + appraisal process of physical art.

So for the sake of simplicity means the NFT space is cutting out the middle man. Do you see it? Can we all get an Amen? NFTs do deserve the props they're getting. They're legit off the chain. Metaphorically speaking. Not literally. Not to confuse.

Because NFTs are in fact minted on chain, most likely on the Ethereum blockchain, as a token of unique data which verifies its corresponding asset as yours. Yours meaning belonging to the wallet you have provided to the platform from which you have purchased your asset. Bada-bing-bada-boom.

The art scene is really playing around with the possibilities of sweetening the pie through offering physical pieces to correspond with digital assets. This also allows for a lot of imagination in the offerings of interactive or unlock-able content. Additionally the smart contracts that are at play can allow the creators to get paid on their work even through the secondary market. This is monumental for artists.

But in real talk this is far bigger than art. This form of ledger library will likely make physical + online businesses rethink their processes in time. It will be the next revolution of industries. Although the current state of affairs requires innovations + will only go as far or as fast as the freethinkers in the arena, but the possibilities are infinite. All the while the spaces are still rapidly evolving as new technologies are being rolled out to combat long term energy efficiency + software is shapeshifting to fit the needs of creators + consumers.

For example Showtime is a socially curated platform of NFTs in which users can display a page of their creations, collections or commendables -- yerp, coined it -- actually thats not the real term rather the third option is simply the likes page within the Showtime platform.

The entire vibe reminds me of Instagram. In which this tweet alluded to their beef. Rivalry, perhaps?

So let's look left + right a little bit further because while you may understand conceptually what's going on, you might still be curious why it's also referred to as crypto-art. Well it took me a minute on this too. So crypto-currency is the means by which you purchase + sell assets on the blockchain hence why the purchasing of digital art through this technology would be called crypto-art.

If you aren't familiar with crypto-currencies you can brush up through some of the resources listed below. As always do your research + then do some more. If you are spending time in Clubhouse please fact check the information you are getting. Move mindfully through this space + do it because it's fun for you. Maintain your own accountability by educating yourself through different sources. Once you have a wide range of knowledge sit with it + then go back in to some of the areas that were unclear.

Contrary to the buzz, there is no rush. Im not a fan nor will ever be a fan of FOMO. I'm a JOMO gal because I truly believe anything that is meant to be for me will be. And better yet, it will come with ease because my peace is so deeply valuable to me. I believe that all things are connected + so when life is ready things will unfold. It just always seems to happen that way, so I'm rolling with it.

I love technology, learning, creativity, innovation, mindfulness + synergy

so when that's on my palate I often taste delight.

I hope that you will continue to follow along with my journey into the blockchain + NFTs. I plan to share my process as it evolves in all the places + spaces the internet will have to offer.

If you want to be in the loop when I bring something to the ether, then please give me a love tap right here to get on the list.

A Non-Comprehensive List of Resources

The resources listed are what I've found useful in small part to showcasing the possibilities of NFTs as well as current limitations. I'm sharing for your convenience, but encourage you to seek alternative sources within the space. This is only a small selection of the continuing scope of resources I've gathered or consumed. This is not professional or financial advice. I am not an expert. I am navigating the space as a creator, and only sharing what I have learned along the way.

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