Raise Your Vibe ✨

Have you read Ask and It Is Given by Esther +Jerry Hicks? How about Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein? Both are inherently good books. I love the messaging they offer us as a reader. In simple terms they both tackle how to get into alignment with your highest self. Doing this helps us live a life we intentionally create.

I always say energy is everything. And, this energy I speak of is our thoughts, our feelings, and our state of being. When we calibrate our frequency to be in a state of gratitude + joy we vibe at the highest level + our soul is happy. It's our true nature to be in a feel good state. Below I am sharing a LIVE broadcast I recorded today 11.11 talking about these concepts, + also highlighting the beautiful contemporary work of Gabby Bernstein + Micaela Ezra. These messages come through in the Super Attractor deck I share with you in the video, which compliment the lessons in the book. Beneath the video you will find the Emotional Guidance Scale from Ask + It Is Given. This is a tool I use in my Raise Your Vibe Workshops. It is also a beautiful message reinforced in Gabby's book. And, below that you can find the Vibrational Scale of Consciousness to give you a better idea of the frequency at which your state will resonate. In the video I touch on a bit of the science that backs this understanding. And this is why I have come to share my heart. It works + I want it to work for you too. So please enjoy these beautiful affirmations + run out and get yourself a copy of Super Attractor, as well as this gorgeous deck. If you are an avid online shopper you can find links to the books + deck in my toolbox under growth library. ( <--- or simply click right there!) All my love to you, Nik. <3