Relax + Release Bath Ritual

I am an undeniable fan of warm water on the body.

Whether it be a steamy shower or a sweet soak, I am game.

As a mom, I take each bit of white space with full gratitude. I make it a personal ritual of sort.

And take an intentional pause with myself before any bit of alone time.

Tweaking my process just a bit to meet my needs.

When I step into the shower, I use my visual mastery to rinse my mind, emotions, and skin with the wash of the water over me.

It's an epic release of energy. Each negative attachment to the day, people, or events swirls down the drain relinquishing me of the weight it held around my shoulders.

The heat upon my scalp stimulates blood flow and oxygenates my mind recalibrating my frequency. I take every shower as a time to reset and realign with my heart.

But the real ritual of my down time comes with a specific mastery of the slow soak.

A playlist curated for the season of my growth and a bath drawn to perfection sets one of my favorite scenes.

Battery operated candles illuminate the tile walls. The aroma of the bath water tickles my senses before I even dip a toe in to cause a ripple.

First, I grab my dry skin brush and start to stroke the natural bristles toward my heart. Strategically stimulating the body's detoxification system with this practice. Sometimes I will also apply an oil boost to the brush like the DDR Prime or the Metabolic blend.

I like to come prepared with a Swell bottle of purified water to sip while I soak. This helps maintain hydration while the lymph gets to work. Some days I get a little wild and drop in a select citrus, like lemon, to aid my digestive tract.

And lastly, I slip into my soak to fully relax and release. I switch up my oils regularly, but this one is a little lover for the liver. This recipe is most definitely one you'll want to pin for later.

Or at the very least jot it down.

Please also note this is recommended for doTerra oils* only, as are all my recommendations.

When you get the chance to try this one out. Finish up your ritual with some unscented body butter with a drop of frankincense or sandalwood to smooth you over. Heaven sent!

Enjoy your YOU time!

All love, Nik