Rocking Vibe of Love

"As an adventurous soul you embrace the unknown paths. Not all experiences are easy, but all are worthwhile. If fear becomes apparent, you use it as a compass to guide you. Choose COMPASS to help navigate your greatest adventure, which lies ahead, and in it, you will discover yourself."

I dig this passage from Rocking Vibe. Mainly because their COMPASS necklace has quickly become my favorite accessory. It's total quality. The chain has some length making it perfect for layering. Although my preference is simplicity, so it's absolutely everything by itself. I vibe with the way it accentuates my personal style. With a glance, it reminds me to honor my inner peace + guides me to come back to my true nature of love.

I appreciate the way this jewelry is infused with intention. It's apparent there is an artistry to Liana's creations. I adore every detail + the feeling of freedom the pieces offer in style + spirit. I also adore the way my Compass piece was packaged, so incredibly mindful.

It came housed in the heart of a beautifully crafted intention pyramid with these instructions to accompany it.

▻ Write down your goal 

▻ Place it inside the pyramid

▻ Display where you can see it everyday to trigger your subconsciousness + aligned action

▻ Show up, be all in + commit to your vibe

Rock on sister! Liana explains this is a powerful tool to bring awareness into our life + more clarity to our vision. That kind of thoughtfulness vibes with me + it is why I choose these creations to represent the woman I am. Bold, beautiful + undeniably intentional.

If you haven't experienced a piece of jewelry that makes you come alive, give Rocking Vibe a try. My bet is -- if you're reading this, you will freaking love 'em!!

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