Self Love Mastery

#SixWeeksOfSelfLove is a collection of guidance to bring you back to yourself.

I had this moment this morning. I watched my personal reaction have duality. It was cray to be stepped back like that in the actual moment. 

I could see how my ego was dictating one story + how my highest self was revealing the peaceful perspective. I actually looked at my husband + said I totally recognize I have a choice right now for how I want to see + feel this. ✊🏼

And that’s been the work. ✨

The work I’ve spent decades doing, but only when I found actual tools that worked for me could I take it to this level. The thoughts + choices that bring me peace do not come from my fearful chatter! 

I finally feel like I’m in this space where I can really observe myself. My self awareness game is on point. Not self critical. Aware + unattached. It’s simultaneously liberating + makes me want to reach for more.

I know this ability to access the bigger person in me will only give my children a front row seat at how to live a life of ultimate joy. 

Tapping into the inner work is a practice + takes a certain reconditioning of the bullshit mindset we trek with through life.

Teaching myself has been the best part of this journey. Grabbing for the tools, applying + integrating them into my very committed mom life has been so good. My vibe is exactly what I need + what they do too.

Motherhood has shown me the true strength of a woman,

but  ꌚꏹ꒒ꄙ ꒒ꁏꃴꏹ  has shown me the true strength of 𝕊 𝕡 𝕚 𝕣 𝕚 𝕥 .✨

If it taps on your heart to access this Self Love Mastery,

tap on the link 👉🏻 + take the first step.