Slow Yoga

When I think of my favorite practices of yoga they're slow. So 'slow yoga' is what I've come to affectionately classify Yin + Yoga Nidra as - restorative too. All of these styles of yoga are gentle + offer me the TLC needed for my mind.

Understandably, I've heard those used to vinyasa classes struggle to be present in these types of practices. I say -- to each their own. This is for me. All of these styles restorative, yin + the practice of yoga Nidra have helped me to heal in ways necessary for my own personal growth.

My body holds many of the tensions I've endured throughout my life. This is common for so many of us. I have always been intuitive and willing to acknowledge my feelings, but through constant environmental stimulation as a child I became programmed with more anxiety than I often care to admit.

These practices allow me to re-program my mind and body, fully nourishing my soul. And for me I love that they can be done right at home. Personally, I do not go to the studio because I prefer a home practice during this chapter of my life. But during yoga teacher training I learned from some wonderful and devout teachers. Their light shined bright on these styles and I found a path to my peace in these practices.

If you are in need of some TLC and are willing to slow down, give these styles a try. You might just find a smiling yogi in you.

All my love, Nik

Yoga Nidra + Yin