The Golden Globe Goes To

Frida Mom! -- Did you see?

The commercial they aired on NBC during the Golden Globes last night is one to write home about, so I am.

We've come quite a long way in one short year. If you didn't hear about the censorship they've faced, you can jump to this previous post where I wrote about it. None the less, I'm so incredibly moved by the efforts of this company. As a mom of four, in the last six years, I have seen the many sides of motherhood. I've felt the untold stories. I've sat in my sadness, transformed my discouragement, and I've cursed quite a bit. Don't judge me.

In fact that's the whole point. I love Frida Mom because they tackle the issues we deal with in the dirt and dooty of motherhood. It's not glamorous. It's a real grind. Thankless as all hell.

But I don't need thanks. I'm more on that love currency tip. The self love I know -- has given me an abundance of grace and compassion. Those two embodiments are an underrated form of mastery. It's never about being perfect. That's for damn sure. But it is about being honest, being self aware, and being open to communication.

So the fact that Frida Mom has been able to leap over the barriers of entry is a big deal. Coming into our homes with these intimate moments, we all know so well, are a testament to the narrative shift. Culture is in for another awakening.

I, for one, am in celebration of this MOM-umental snippet in time. No more denying the woman, the mother, her true nature.

Check out the groundbreaking commercial here. It was brought to life by advertising firm Mekanism. I looked over their client list, and they have some heavy hitters. Hopefully we have more brave companies rock these new ways of marketing with the kind of humility that doesn't gloss over real life. Mekanism's philosophy is at the intersection of soul and culture.

Do you think they hit the mark?