Three Oils Every Home Needs!

Still not sure how I went so long in my life without the benefit of oils.

Now I turn to them for 99% of the problems we have to tackle around here.

Time + time again I find myself recommending

the same three oils to young families like mine.

And you know how good it feels to introduce parents to natural options

over synthetics that we can pay forward to our next generation.

All while empowering us + our children with love + nature.

So here are the three oils + some of the best uses for each!


Grounding blend : promotes a healthy immune response, induces feelings of calm + peace, and revitalizes skin.

+ amplify any oil with Frankincense's boosting ability

+ nourish your skin with a face glow serum at night

+ apply to scars to reduce their appearance

+ balance dark spots

+ help muscles recover with cool compress after a workout

+ target pesky nerve glitches

+ strengthen your nails

+ protect your health with its natural immunity power

+ create an at home spa experience by applying to chest after shower

+ stabilize reactions during mood swings, especially from hormones

+ use as a 'pure' - fume + chuck fragrances which are disrupting your beautiful state

+ connect openly with source by lifting your bio-energetic vibration for meditation

Additional emotional support information : assists the soul in spiritual evolution, fosters healthy masculinity, promotes understanding + wisdom.

Additional momma notes : great for third trimester leg discomfort, perfect for perineal healing, constant companion in postpartum for overall relaxation from new parenting overwhelm, gentle enough for baby to calm restlessness, protect from environmental threats + strengthen immunity building blocks. ps: great natural teething tool too ;)


  • Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Eucalyptus + Laurel (Bay)

Respiratory blend : aids in respiratory health, promotes open airways, cuts through chest congestion, supports oxygen intake during movement + meditation.

+ roll on chest before meditation, especially alternate nostril breathing

+ swipe along bottom of feet + cover with socks instead of grabbing Vics

+ break up seasonal congestion

+ clear your airways

+ release respiratory restrictions

+ open yourself to receiving genuine love

+ aid yourself in emotional healing of grief + pain

+ allow a flowing relationship with spirit

+ deepen connection to life force, pranayama

+ embrace life with faithful heart

Additional emotional support information : assists the battle with grief, helps release trauma connected to lack of consistency, fosters healthy interest in love, eases feelings of distrust, promotes feelings of safety + invites a deeper connection with self + spirit.

Additional momma notes : relieves pregnancy congestion, perfect for mommy + me meditations, great support for healthy oxygen flow when things get crowded in there, a top resource for all the little lungs in the home. Reach for Breathe over so many synthetic options. You can create necessary relief while introducing side benefits, not side effects.


  • Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, Coriander, Anise + Fennel

Digestive blend : aids in digestive health, promotes smooth release, tames a tender tummy + battles indigestion.

+ roll on pulse points before taking the ferry into the city

+ swipe across abdomen after zeppoles or gyros at the fair

+ aid digestion after any meal

+ break up constipation with ease

+ extinguish the flame of indigestion with swipe from navel to neck

+ adjust to new experiences + reduce nervous belly

+ assimilate more openly to new information (figuratively digesting it)

+ facilitate clear channels for nourishment

+ open nasal passages with a few dabs along cheekbone

+ support baby's digestive needs with a DigestZen belly massage

Additional emotional support information : assists the battle with apathy, fosters healthy interest in the physical world, eases feelings of overload making new experiences palatable.

Additional momma notes : relieves second trimester constipation, perfect for pregnancy congestion, incredible for baby bubble guts + that first postpartum poop. Yep, I said it. If you've been there, well enough said. If not, now you know. ps: some nursing mommas avoid this blend in the 4th trimester because peppermint is one of the oils in this blend. Peppermint is known to aid in helping reduce milk supply, so keep this in mind when oiling. On the flip side, fennel + basil can help us ramp up the milk duct production.

And the list goes on...

You can absolutely make simple changes in your life that will benefit you on the whole, the mind, body + spirit. Using these oils, pure plant essence from doTERRA oils, will give you that empowerment.

I live it. <3

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x Nik