Let's just take a moment to recognize you have made it through the first year. I'm sure like any of us you discovered the true grit within your heart that transitions one to mom life.

You are simply amazing. And so is this little person you are shaping.

I want to invite you for a moment to take a pause. Think about a time in your life when you were so curious about something you couldn't contain your enthusiasm or your excitement. Maybe it was imagining becoming pregnant or meeting your little one for the first time. Either way hold this image close to your heart over the next year.

As your toddler explores their world things will unfold with a curiosity that is so pure and refreshing. But also trying and often contrary to your agenda. Practice being present and connecting to your own understanding of their development through the memory of when you had similar emotions. That compassion will help you navigate your own reactions and presence in your interpersonal connection with them.

If you find yourself caught up in the sea of emotion, take a breath (maybe grab an oil to inhale) but remember this is finite. You get to choose how to show up in each situation. There will undoubtedly be more complex challenges, but you can and absolutely will flow through them with ease because you are well equipped to lead with love.

Rooting for you momma.

PS: My favorite oil in big moments is Frankincense or any blend containing it.

It grounds us all in our bigger purpose to understand one another and center.