Why I Choose doTerra + Simple Ways to Use the Top Ten Oils

Come hang with me for an oil chat.

In this video you'll learn why I choose doTerra for my family.

You'll also gain a clear understanding of how easy it is to use the Top 10 oils in your life.

Personally, I rely on my intuitive nature to nurture as a mom + oils have become a huge part of my own self-care + the emotional support I am able to offer my children.

My family holds a great deal of gratitude for the growers + the company who has bottled this natural resource. I feel blessed to live in a time where in a matter of moments, I have access to something so powerful + pure. It's epic.

And, I will say -- education is key.

You need to understand that these are NOT simply pretty smells.

These oils are not simply labeled as pure, but rather are that.

The work this company does to cut through the industry BS is brilliant.

Their ethics + transparency shed light on all the adulteration + shadiness that currently exists within the oil industry.

And it's catching the attention of health care professionals + holistic practitioners who recognize there is a difference + it can be found at doTerra.

A company who is dedicated to bringing goodness to both sides of the bottle.

Grab a drink, a cozy blanket + watch this. <3 x Nik