designed to meet your unique needs as a mom + a woman

Six Weeks of Self Love

First Class : September 24, 2019

Registration :: September 1st - 15th 2019

♥ Six Enriching Modules  

♥ Conscious Coursework 

♥ 42 Days of Mastery Guidance 


Reiki + Chakra Alignment 

♥ This is for you if ... 

✔️ you want actionable tools to be calm.

✔️ you want to cultivate peace in your life.

✔️ you are willing to show up for yourself.

✔️ you are committed to your growth.



♥ What you'll learn?


  • How to find your happy.

  • How to identify the problem.

  • How to regulate your internal world.

  • How to respond with love to everyone, including yourself. ✨

♥ What you'll need?

Internet access, a fresh notebook + a solid attitude.

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This 42 day guided program only opens select times a year. 


They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so we double down on loving YOU.



Truly loving yourself gives you the power to love others unconditionally. ​


will you commit?