facilitated by 

Nikole Sariotis

 invites you

...to a mastery program

designed to meet your unique needs as a woman.

RYT® 200 + Certified Usui Reiki Master Level Practitioner

Do you hear the woman in you telling you she is ready to show up for herself? 

I did. And, I knew after transitioning into motherhood I needed a life line. I was sinking in the overwhelm + living a very different version of my life than I really wanted. I knew I needed to do something about it. And so I did.

What did I do?

I started taking inventory of my life, and I began to look at experiences as a school of sorts. I gave myself clarity on how I wanted my reality to feel above all else. And for me, that has been the key to reducing my stress. 

Would I say I don't stress?

Not so much. I'm a mom of three under 5 + I'm pregnant -- so you know, hormones. But in all seriousness what I have been able to do is manage how quickly I can shift in the onset of stress. I have discovered actionable tools to mitigate overwhelm. And, that's a dance worthy mom win right there! Simply, because this line of intention allows me to model emotional intelligence + self regulation for my children.

So how do I shift stress?

That is what this program is all about. #SixWeeksOfSelfLove is designed to enrich your life + teach you the gift of nourishing your soul. It will take you to the depths of your own understanding. So your commitment is required. You will be asked to be open to doing the work, as these modules are packed with valuable tools + practices to know how to start showing up for yourself, the way you have for everyone else -- for so long.

Mental Cleanse

Art of Affirming


Tap Stress Relief

Energy Life

Create Your Life

these modules are waiting for you.

are you ready to invest in your happiness?