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About Nikole Sariotis

I felt the call early to shine my light on the radiance within our humanity. Since I was a girl I’ve had a deep desire to help others see that they are their best asset. It's through my personal experience, I've witnessed how we suffer from the external circumstances of our life rather than focus on our internal power and participate in the shift to a new perspective and heightened existence.


Initially, I thought I'd fulfill my life's work through psychology. So naturally I obtained a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. And because I'm an over achiever, a dual degree in Communication Studies - both from Towson University in Maryland. Through that route, I learned the power of effective communication, and also became keenly aware that my passion for understanding our human behavior in psych was limited to the constructs of that discipline. Much more called to me in the form of personal expansion and innate understanding of us as whole individuals. Which, for me, that path fell short of offering then.


So, I temporarily shifted and obtained what I believe to be some of my most valuable real world work experience. I graduated at the height of the recession in 2009, and felt fortunate to have landed a job with a family owned company. And because I am an over achiever and all -- within a few years there, I made my way up into management. Naturally through my enthusiastic work ethic and strong understanding for people, but also - I'm pretty sure dropping the Nicki Minaj verse from Monster at a work dinner had a strong influence over my superiors. 


To give you some more insight -- I started in the paper department selling office supplies to businesses in a door to door manner. It was a gritty model. So I respect tenacity, hard work, and systems. I also spent time overseeing the commercial furniture department, guiding our office's professionals through the design and installation phases with their clients. Through that, I learned to appreciate the purpose of thoughtful planning, intentional design, and delivering a well rounded client experience. And it was my performance during that time that was reflected in unprecedented sales growth within the department.


While I excelled professionally and learned the value of resources I also learned their management path did not resonate with my personal fulfillment. And instead, I made the move to a commercial sales position servicing the healthcare furniture and interior needs of the largest hospital network in New Jersey. I enjoyed this job very much. It allowed me to hone my creativity, deliver on my strengths, and get paid. 


Right around that time I started a family with my husband and welcomed our Earth Day baby. This was the first indication that I was on a new path. The connection to my child and this particular calendar date left an impression on my heart. I wanted more, but had no clear idea what that was. I decided to leave the company I worked for after seven years of dedicated service to venture out in search of new beginnings.


Since then I have tapped into the true awakening of my soul. I have explored the deep spiritual calling that motherhood has allowed me to untether. Leading me to discover doTerra, and making the decision to integrate their products into my life. I remain deeply grateful for that continued choice each day. The impact their oils have had on my wellbeing, and my ability to care for my family can not be conveyed in the words on this page.


It's a whole mood. -- If you know, you know.


And with that choice I went on to receive my 200 Hr Hatha Yoga teaching certification, as well as my Usui Reiki Master certification. All of these modalities of alternative wellness have enhanced my ability to care for myself, to mother myself, and heal the unintentional conditioning of my past. Ultimately I feel empowered to show up in the way that I dreamed of offering my work to the world many moons ago.


Today I embrace my deep curiosity of our total human experience and focus my life and work around my love for joy. I continue my personal education through self-study, masterclasses, and regular practice. It is my honor to share my inner light with those who are ready to feel good.


If you feel called to work with me, it would be my privilege. I host a premium program for women who are committed to realigning their energy with their most vibrant self. We work on understanding our individual rhythms, responses, and ways to re-activate our life-force. 

Below you will find some of the feedback I have heard from clients. Their testimony is a direct reflection of the same TLC I will offer you.

In the meantime, please grab the valuable tools I have available through this site and my social platforms.
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Client Testimonials
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I was completely unfamiliar with distance Reiki before I had my session with Nikole. But as we began, she put me at ease and explained it thoroughly to me. She then made sure I felt prepared and grounded before leading me gently into a beautiful meditative state. What followed was an extremely unexpected and powerful session where Nikole tapped into areas of my being and life that she did not even know about. When we were finished she talked to me very lovingly -making sure I was ok - and explaining some more about what had occurred. The session definitely made me think and feel deeply about the issues I had been avoiding. Nikole not only followed up with me but offered some suggestions on how to deal with what had come up. All in all, I find Nikole to be a loving, intuitive and skilled practitioner and I would highly recommend a session with her.



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Working with Nikole during a Distance Reiki session was a wholeheartedly positive experience I will remember for years to come! It must be stated that Nikole is a warmhearted, empathetic, intuitive, and tender soul. Her energy of love is palpable, and even more so when you get to know her and speak with her about her passion to serve others in healing. Not only was I able to actually see colors, with my eyes closed, that corresponded with the chakras she was specifically focusing on, I felt the sensation of what can best be described as an embrace around my shoulders—like a hug. Nikole later described how she calls upon Archangel Michael to protect during the session, which made the hug sensation make even more sense to both of us. Funny enough, I experienced what can only be described as the feeling of angel wings sprouting from my back, which also felt congruent with her intentions. I have had Reiki in the past, and nothing ever came close to my session with Nikole in terms of feeling so connected and correct—and the other sessions were in person! I fully recommend her to anyone looking to heal through Reiki. She is a thorough, mindful, and down-to-earth energy healer!



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My first Reiki session with Nikole was truly a positive and peaceful experience! She helped bring more awareness to my throat chakra and that direct light allowed me to dig deeper with several upcoming important public speaking events.  Nikole certainly has a gift of tapping into others emotional energy and guiding them on their own path of spiritual healing.  I felt much lighter the following few days after our session!



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I loved working with Nikole. She helped me to feel very safe and comfortable. Nikole is extremely intuitive and empathic.  My Reiki session felt very productive, and Nikole truly shared her beautiful inner light with me.



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As I was working on how to get started with the business side of things for Peace Love Dream Etsy, divine intervention was at play and I was reconnected with a beautiful soul. 


Through talking to her about life and business, I learned not only is she amazing at giving non-judgmental advice, but she actually listens and doesn’t reply with a bs answer.


She literally lights a fire to your soul, and she runs her business all with three tiny humans in her house.


She gives the time to actually help you, as a friend and a coach. She gives you tools to reach inside your soul and give the answers to yourself. I think having her by my side this past month has totally kept my frequency and vibration high.


I wanted to share Nikole Sariotis, self-love coach because I feel it’s not right to keep her all to myself.


Feel all the love.



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BIG THANKS for giving me Reiki and for the encouraging talk. I really needed it. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I'm thankful to the Universe to know you...